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Yael Weiss is an international concert pianist, recording artist and educator - and an artist passionate about communicating music.

From the stage at Carnegie Hall to an intimate house salon, Yael enjoys the magic of sharing her music with audiences worldwide, engaging listeners with personal interpretations of a wide range of repertoire.

Working with students through frequent masterclasses as well as spending years serving as professor at prestigious universities, Yael has been helping people achieve their musical goals and find fulfilling lives with music.


"a pianist who delves deeply and tellingly into that cloudy area where fantasy morphs into improvisation, inventiveness being common to both." 

The Washington Post


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Music has been part of life even before the invention of the wheel… is a place for musicians

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Are you a practicing musician – pianist, violinist, cellist, clarinetist, singer? An audience member? A parent of musically gifted kids? Or maybe you're just curious about what we musicians actually do all day… Whatever the case may be, you'll find valuable tips here in just a couple of short minutes each day. Go to iTunes and listen on your computer. Or download the shows to your iPod to carry with you. is here to help you get the most joy and satisfaction from your time with music.  LISTEN



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